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Automatic ultrasonics spray cleaning drying machine for PR CT
Name: Automatic ultrasonics spray cleaning drying machine for PR CT
Model: SC2485
Procedure: Loading,
Auto ultrasonic cleaning,
Immersional turbine cleaning,
pressure spray cleaning and blowing ,
Hot air blowing drying,
Assembly: ultrasonic cleaning system,
Immersional turbine washing system,
Pressure spray and blowing system,
Hot air drying system,
robotic arm conveyor system,
lift system,
nozzles spray and extending system,
overloading protection,
water level control,
two times filtration and magnetic filter,
recycling storage tank sytem, SS pipeline,
PLC control,
hot water heater,
heat insulation,
compressive air blowing,
hot air drying system,
Alarm and protection system
Apply: Piston rod, cylinder tube, hardwares, precision parts
Applicable: Automotive Industry,Hardware,Precision Parts Cleaing,Defense,Aerospace Industry
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